Alliance for a Bridge Electricity Price calls German government for intervention

by David Fleschen

In a letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the entire federal government as well as the parliamentary party leaders of the governing parties, the members of the Alliance for a Bridge Electricity Price call for a decision on a temporary bridge electricity price at the upcoming coalition committee on 20.10.23 .

In its letter, the alliance refers to the "increasingly dramatic economic situation of the energy-intensive industries in Germany". The debate on a temporary bridge electricity price, which has been inconclusive for months, has long had serious consequences for energy-intensive companies. "The massive curtailment of local production that can already be observed is acutely endangering jobs and locations".

The German government must now get the bridge electricity price underway. This must apply from 2024 and include a fixed group of recipients, including small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the electricity tax must be lowered for all consumers and the peak compensation must be maintained.

Without this signal, there is a threat of a unique and irretrievable loss of industrial efficiency. This would also mean missed opportunities to develop technologies for achieving the climate targets in precisely those areas where they would be particularly effective: In the energy-intensive basic industries in Germany.

Source: WV Stahl, Photo: Fotolia

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