ANDRITZ Maerz transfers global copper furnace business to SMS

by Hans Diederichs

ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and SMS group GmbH have entered into an agreement to transfer the global copper furnace business, including the related intellectual property (know-how, references, patents, etc.) and service activities, from ANDRITZ Maerz to SMS group. This acquisition further strengthens the position of SMS group as a system supplier in the field of non-ferrous metals production. The integration of the copper business of ANDRITZ Maerz into SMS is a significant milestone in becoming the leading partner for full-line solutions in non-ferrous metals production.

SMS continues the traditional copper business of ANDRITZ Maerz with a team of highly experienced specialists and engineers. ANDRITZ Maerz brings 60 years of experience and more than 70 references of smelting and refining furnaces for primary and secondary copper production, including tilting refining furnaces, elliptical furnaces, shaft and hearth-shaft furnaces, drum-type furnaces (including Peirce-Smith converter and anode furnaces), bath smelters as well as Top Blown Rotating Converters (TBRC). The tilting and drum type furnaces enable high-quality wire, tube and section production, as well as production of anodes for electrolysis.

SMS’s recently developed innovations such as BlueControl (dynamic process control simulation), H2-ready systems (solutions for carbon footprint reduction using innovative burners and refining technologies based on hydrogen) as well as various performance-enhancing modules (as equipment and instrumentation upgrades) will be integrated into the products of the ANDRITZ Maerz copper furnace business.

Furthermore, SMS is going to expand its service activities, building on its existing strong international network of 3,000 specialists and over 50 workshops, which provide modular, machine-specific spare parts solutions for any customer requirements. The SMS service encompasses everything from on-demand supplies of individual spare parts, the supply of spare parts packages right up to complete warehousing service. SMS provides warehousing service complete with planning, procurement and logistics. Service technicians are available at any time to support customers with troubleshooting and necessary repairs.

With the important know-how transfer from ANDRITZ Maerz, SMS is further expanding its strong position as a supplier of complete solutions for the non-ferrous metals industry.

Source and photo: SMS group

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