Be a part of the sawing evolution

by Hans Diederichs

With this slogan, Wespa combines at this year's EMO in Hanover the further development of the company and its employees, the new saw blade programme and new digital services. Wespa presents its completely new product range with new developments in four application areas of industrial machining.

Wespa is one of the leading German manufacturers and brands of metal saw blades and has its headquarters in Melsungen, Hessen. In the course of almost 70 years, the company has developed into a global player. Today, the focus of trade is increasingly on the Asian market in addition to Europe. In the meantime, more than 100 employees manufacture products that fully meet the requirements of many different industrial sectors.

Founded in 1950, Wespa was taken over by the American company Simonds International in 1992. A great deal has happened at Wespa since then: the production facility in Melsungen has been successively rebuilt and expanded and in 2017 significantly expanded by more than 3,000 square metres. New production machines were purchased, and today Wespa produces on 12 production lines around the clock in 3-shift operation. One reason for this is the relocation of some production capacities from Fitchburg, Massachusetts to Melsungen. The production of bi-metal saw bands now takes place exclusively in Melsungen, from where they are shipped all over the world.

Trust that pays off

Wespa products enjoy the trust of metalworking industry customers and resellers worldwide. Well-known global players - from the automotive, aviation, steel and mechanical engineering industries, among others - rely on the sawing tools from Melsungen. As a full-range supplier, Wespa supplies tailor-made solutions that all contribute to increasing the competitiveness of users.

Wespa also enjoys special trust because Hesse works tirelessly on product improvements. Several new products will be presented at this year's EMO in Hanover. WESPA has also completely modernised its product range for various areas of application.

BI-metal saw band for materials that are difficult to machine:

- Special metal saw bands for materials that are difficult to machine. Evotec Plus and Evotec SCL are high-performance bandsaw blades specially designed for sawing difficult-to-machine materials and high-temperature special alloys. Lifetime advantage compared to conventional M42 bandsaw blades. Extremely durable band saw blade especially for machining materials that are difficult to machine. Suitable for the highest demands on wear resistance. Design Evotec Plus with conventional tooth form and set. Evotec SCL version with variable SCL gear geometry and reinforced tooth back.

BI-metal saw band for steel construction

- The new XTREMA | High Performance Band Saw Blade for Euronorm beams or profiles. Band saw blade for sawing profiles. Especially for use with beams of large dimensions with residual stress. A special setting with an extra strong setting width counteracts jamming of the saw band in the cutting channel.

BI-metal saw band for general universal applications

- The new XENOTEC is a new saw band for thin-walled bundles or profiles that are easy and medium to machine. It is an innovative saw band with a new tooth cutting geometry and a new toothing interval. Specially developed for sawing tubes and profiles. Particularly high resistance to tooth breakage ensures maximum sawing efficiency. Especially with strongly changing mesh lengths, interrupted saw cut, occurring vibration and resonance oscillation.

Carbide saw blade for titanium

- The newly developed carbide saw blade HMT is specially designed for sawing titanium and titanium alloys. The new saw blade improves productivity and surface through new tooth geometry and tooth design.

Source and photo: WESPA

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