BLM group is offering its customers a new edition of its Open House

by David Fleschen

The group, globally recognized as a market leader in the production of tube and sheet metal processing machines, is opening the plant doors for two weeks (September 20 to October 4) to welcome its customers.

The new name of the Open House is INNOVA, selected to purposely place a strong focus on the company's unwavering devotion to technological innovation.

This year’s theme is "Vision. Technology. Solution." These three concepts represent the technological development path that BLM GROUP lives every day. By virtue of this event, we propose to all of our customers: vision for the future, insightful technological development and solutions targeted to their needs.

The event occupies a total exhibition area of more than 10,000 square meters divided into 4 main Tech Hubs, where attendees will have the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest innovations on the group's various technologies (Lasertube, sheet laser, 3D laser cutting cells, tube benders, wire benders, sawing machines and tube shapers) and all the software solutions of the BLMelements suite. At INNOVA, attendees will also find specific areas dedicated to research and development and the wide range of services offered by the group: maintenance, technical assistance, training and BLMportal.

Soe of the presented innovations include:

Stemming from the vision to respond to new market needs, this newly developed Lasertube can process a wide range of diameters for sectors such as industrial vehicles and structural. This new BLM GROUP system merges the group’s latest Lasertube technology with targeted technical solutions for customers requiring this type of application to retain their competitiveness. The solution: a new fully automatic fiber Lasertube for profiles from 25 mm to 305 mm diameter.

A modern all-electric tube bender, ELECT63-E was born from the vision of filling the void of providing a cost effective, quality system for all manufacturers producing tubular components of no complexity. The technology made available to customers using this system is the result of BLM GROUP's vast experience in tube bending. The solution: a machine that offers the production flexibility and quality typical of a BLM GROUP tube bender, at a price that can impress.

Working cell with LT7, E-TURN and AGV
This application is one of many examples of integration that the group can offer and stems from the vision of creating an ever-increasing efficient production environment capable of optimizing the human factor while dedicating the collective system’s activities to producing greater added value. This is achieved through the group’s technologies of a complete integration of production processes through Protube manufacturing MES that manages all the group's technologies, transmission of process information via Data Matrix, and automated logistics from AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). The solution: a highly flexible and fully automated process controlled from a single point of management.

LT8.20 with automated warehouse
The coupling of a Lasertube system with automatic warehouse stems from the vision of a solution to effectively reduce the shop floor space occupied by material and make the entire laser tube cutting process more efficient. BLM GROUP has cleverly integrated the technology of its Lasertube loading systems with an external feed buffer. The solution: an extremely flexible process for tube handling and processing.

From the vision of a sheet metal laser cutting system with all the functionality of a high-end machine and features that allow it to stand out in this market, BLM GROUP condensed its more than 35 years of specific technology experience into an easy-to-use machine with excellent performance, full of value-added solutions including: innovative pallet changer to reduces sheet metal change times, gantry structure which allows accelerations of up to 2g, and extraordinary versatility.

BLM GROUP's pioneering technology, first developed in 2011, the integration between Lasertube and All-In-One tube benders was born from the vision of a process that could zero out the waste produced from the many attempts previously required to get a tube cut and bent to specification. Going through the integration the technology of integrating the Lasertube and tube bender programming software facilitated this process. The solution: a system that enables the customer to get the First Piece Right for laser cut and bent parts

Expanding on the group’s vision of unleashing design constraints to meet the needs on an increasingly demanding market, BLM GROUP will showcase the effectiveness of its bending technology in some particularly interesting applications. The solutions: ELECT80 used for perfectly planar bending of a special high-strength steel profile, and ELECT150 used for ultra-high degree of difficulty bending of a 110 mm diameter tube with a 90 mm bending radius.

The E-shop service was born from the vision of making it easier and more convenient for customers to purchase consumables, services and bending equipment. Through the technology of BLMportal which allows customers to have access to all the services available for their plants. The solution: an intuitive and user-friendly web service to quickly and conveniently purchase what customers need for their production.

Coil-fed working cell
From the vision of offering customers the ability to produce parts of certified quality with great efficiency even in the absence of dedicated dimensional control operators. The coil-fed working cell
presented at INNOVA offers some interesting technological innovations, including an integrated dimensional control system for all parts in the production batch. The solution: a fully automated process that allows tubes curved and shaped on both ends, dimensionally correct and ready for assembly, to be produced from coil.

First developed in 2003, 5-axis laser cutting technology has progressed over time and now embraces a new vision of making 5-axis laser cutting increasingly affordable for anyone involved in the processing of three-dimensional metal profiles. Additionally, technologies have been developed to make the management of the system increasingly within reach of even inexperienced operators. The solution: a system enriched with numerous options and features that on the one hand will make usability even easier and on the other will allow customers a large degree of machine customization, so that they have exactly what they need, at the best price.

During INNOVA, guests will also have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, who will guide them through the exhibition spaces and assist them with the "leitmotif" of this Open House: from the vision of new goals, through the knowledge of new technological tools, to identifying the most suitable solution for their needs.

Source and Photo: BLM group

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