ConSo injector technology works highly efficiently and provides highest safety

by Hans Diederichs

SIAM YAMATO banks on injector technology from SMS group

SIAM YAMATO STEEL CO., LTD. has awarded SMS group the final acceptance certificate for the upgrade with ConSo R6 injector technology of the No. 1 electric arc furnace at its Rayong, Thailand, site.

Based on the good experience gained from the modernization of electric arc furnace No. 2 with ConSo R6 injector technology, supplied by SMS group in 2010 along with a complete minimill, SIAM YAMATO decided to have furnace No. 1 revamped in the same way by SMS group. Based on the good results achieved by the installed highly efficient ConSo R6 injector technology – good performance of coal injection and of the new refractory lining, reduction of electricity, natural gas and oxygen consumption – SIAM YAMATO recently granted SMS group the acceptance for the project.

SMS group supplied five complete ConSo R6 combined oxygen injectors (5 MW each), oxygen and valve stands, a new carbon injection system and the automation system complete with an HMI station. ConSo R6 injectors come with a fully automatic early detection system BDSC (Back-Flash Detection System) to prevent damage of the injectors and the water boxes due to back-flashing flames. The early detection of back-flashing by sensors increases the life of the injector. By upgrading electric arc furnaces with ConSo injector technology from SMS group, steelmakers can make their furnaces more efficient, more productive, more user-friendly and safer.

Source and photo: SMS group

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