Continuous development honoured

by Hans Diederichs

tk Hohenlimburg receives silver Ludwig Erhard Award

The Ludwig Erhard Prize is awarded to German organizations that make the so-called "Excellence Idea" their own in a special way. A "lighthouse project" or an extraordinary idea alone is not enough for this award - the Ludwig Erhard Prize is about much more: The award recognizes holistic management achievements which, in keeping with the spirit of the former Minister of Economics and Chancellor, take into account the economic success, competitiveness and social responsibility of companies. The medium-wide strip specialist of thyssenkrupp has now received this silver award. Assessment under special circumstances

thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg is a traditional company which has developed systematically using this excellence approach over the past six years: In particular, the efforts surrounding digitization are now bearing fruit. "I find it remarkable how consistently our employees have seen and taken advantage of the opportunities in our digitization and change processes. They have developed new strengths, skills and approaches that are helpful, particularly in the current situation," says Norman Baltrusch, CFO of thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg. "Today no one stands out from their competitors solely because of their products. They need a holistic approach - processes, mindset, production. In line with the excellence approach."

The most important element in business evaluation is the critical self-assessment of a company. In a complex assessment process, a jury evaluates the companies. The core element here is, among other things, discussions with the employees - because management performance is also judged according to the extent to which employees are involved in the improvement processes. Having already been awarded bronze in 2018, thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg was able to demonstrate its improvements this year by winning silver. "Winning the silver Ludwig Erhard Award in 2020 in the middle of the Corona crisis under the difficult conditions is a remarkable achievement by all those involved," said Baltrusch, praising the commitment of the 45 thyssenkrupp employees involved.

Source and photo: tk Hohenlimburg

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