CRO leaving Swiss Steel Group after target achievement

by Hans Diederichs

Swiss Steel Group, a global leader in special long steel, announced today that acting CRO Josef Schultheis will leave the company as planned on February 28, 2021.

Since joining the company on August 12, 2020, the departing CRO Josef Schultheis had been driving the transformation to turnaround on an interim basis as a full member of the Group Executive Board. With his experience, Swiss Steel Group was able to counter the drastic effects of the COVID-19 crisis more effectively and identified various additional potentials under his leadership. In particular, he was largely responsible for the negotiations on the financing concept and played a key role in driving forward its implementation. In view of the conclusion of the planned capital increase, which is expected by March 22, 2021 at the latest, Josef Schultheis will step down from the Executive Board as originally planned on February 28, 2021.

Source: Swiss Steel Group          Photo: Alpine

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