Danieli supplies Quality Seamless Pipe Mill for Benteler Steel

by David Fleschen

The Final Acceptance process is complete for the 5½” FQM Seamless Pipe Mill Plant supplied by Danieli Centro Tube to Benteler Steel/Tube, Shreveport, LA, USA. The plant is in full production now after the critical period of low oil prices, followed by a slow tube market, particularly in North America.

The FQM plant has a production capacity of 320,000 short tons/year, producing pipes with OD sizes from 26.7 to 139.7 mm.

Acceptance procedures successfully covered all the most important parameters, including productivity, piece rate, outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness (WT) tolerances, emissions, tooling consumption.

After acceptance, the Danieli Technical Services team will continue to support Benteler Steel/Tube through a dedicated program of technical assistance, overhaul activities for key components and spare parts.

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