Downcoiler UHP of Danieli cladded pinch rolls at US Steel Košice

by David Fleschen

US Steel Košice has finalized a one-year long testing of the latest Danieli UHP hard-faced pinch rolls serving the downcoiler area of the hot-strip mill in Košice, Slovakia.

Since the beginning the cladded rolls supplied by Danieli Service demonstrated a performance three times higher than the original surface-hardened steel ones. In fact, a roll wear of only 1.8 mm on the diameter against the standard one of 5.5 mm was recorded after a standard campaign of 14,000 coils (approx. 230,000 tons, which is equivalent to 8,000 km of strip).

Such result was possible thanks to the high concentration of carbides present in the chemical composition of the UHP hard-facing material developed by Danieli engineers.

Danieli roll-cladding technology allows for reduced wear, maintenance time and roll grinding time performed in the mill roll shop.

Furthermore, cladding technology provided by Danieli Service lowers the total cost of ownership thanks to the combination of three times wear reduction and roll re-cladding once rolls reach the minimum diameter. Re-cladding also reduces the environmental impact if compared to the manufacturing process of a new cast or forged rolls.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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