EAF with Danieli Q-One system achieves record efficiency and productivity

by David Fleschen

Polish steelmaker Cognor has achieved a significant milestone with the successful implementation of the Q-One system on its 50-t electric arc furnace at the Stalowa Wola facility, in Poland.

The transition from the conventional transformer immediately showcased improved performance from Day #1 of operation.

The adoption of the Danieli Q-One system has resulted in a reduction of energy consumption that now is under 330 kWh/t with a three-bucket charge. This achievement represents a substantial 7-8% energy decrease as compared to the previous setup.

A key advantage of the Q-One system is its ability to operate at lower frequencies compared to the nominal grid one, leading to enhanced productivity for the same power applied. A reduction of power-on time around 10% and significant decrease in electrode usage surpassing 15% have been confirmed also at Cognor, after a few days operation.

Negligible impact on the power grid was also confirmed. In fact, the use of Danieli Q-One power feeder does not require any additional compensation system.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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