Endress+Hauser employees reach donation target for a water project

by David Fleschen

Endress+Hauser employees around the world are celebrating the Group’s 70th anniversary this year during a wide range of events – and at the same time committing to a good cause in a special way. As part of the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge, employees collected donations for a water project in Vietnam through running and other physical activities. The campaign is now heading into a second round.

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge was launched in 2019. With this initiative, employees cover a pre-determined distance by running, cycling, swimming or taking part in other sports activities and donate a specific amount that goes toward providing people access to clean water. The company matches each of the donated amounts. Endress+Hauser is thus extending its corporate commitment to a safe, economic and sustainable water supply to the non-profit sector.   

The Endress+Hauser employees established a special goal for the anniversary year by endeavoring to circumnavigate the globe in 70 days through various team activities. The 40,075 kilometer mark was reached in only five weeks. “This success is a tremendous team effort. The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge is mobilizing our employees across the globe,” says CEO Matthias Altendorf. The campaign is now heading into extra time with the goal of circumnavigating the earth a second time.

This year the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge is supporting a project in Vietnam – more precisely in Kon Tum province in the Central Highlands region near the border with Laos and Cambodia. The project will promote the availability of clean drinking water in a 90-family village with little infrastructure that is situated roughly 10 kilometers from the main road. “We can sustainably improve the lives of more than 1,000 people through this project,” emphasizes Matthias Altendorf.

The donated funds will go toward the construction of a water house in the center of the village, where ground water will be transported with pumps, then filtered and cleaned through reverse osmosis. Solar panels will generate the required electricity during the day. In addition, the village square will be redesigned and the access road renewed as part of the project. Endress+Hauser Vietnam will implement the project together with local representatives NK Engineering and Plan International Vietnam, an aid organization. The first Endress+Hauser Water Challenge project in 2020 was also completed in Vietnam.

Source and Photo: Endress + Hauser

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