Engineered solutions with a new skin-pass mill ordered from Fives

by David Fleschen

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) has issued an order for a high efficiency skin-pass mill - DMS SkinPass 4Hi - at the GalvTech facility of its Techs Division in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. For high quality strip finishing, a skin-pass mill is essential to remove the yield-point elongation effect and greatly improve the surface roughness and flatness.

Clay Spangler, Operations Manager of SDI’s Techs Group, commented: “Fives was selected for its reactivity, design flexibility and product quality. Given a limited line footprint, the inclusion of the skin-pass as well as a new bridle roll between the skin-pass and the tension leveler demonstrates innovative engineering. With a prompt delivery schedule and unique installation scheme limiting the production outage, Fives demonstrated a customer-understanding that was tough to beat.”

The DMS SkinPass 4Hi, a new skin-pass mill from Fives, is designed to improve performance and surface quality of a continuous galvanizing line. The mill is a wet process type with a maximum rolling force of 5500 kN. It also incorporates novel design features, such as:

  • Optimum rolling and bending forces
  • Limited deflection for reduced friction, better control and higher mill rigidity
  • Automatic clamping
  • Easy maintenance and exceptional component life
  • Quick work roll change via a go-through system

Fives designs a complete range of DMS SkinPass mills for various challenging applications. DMS SkinPass 2Hi is designed for stainless steel production applications that require a high level of brightness, while DMS SkinPass 4Hi and 6Hi are suitable for a wide variety of galvanized or continuous annealed steel products from low to high yield strengths.

SDI and Fives ignited a preferred partnership last year, having signed a major contract for the design and supply of a new continuous galvanizing line (CGL №3) and an upgrade of the continuous galvanizing line (CGL №2), both located in Columbus Mississippi, USA.

Source and Photo: Fivesgroup

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