Facturee launches online tools for calculating production parts

by Hans Diederichs

Following a successful beta phase, online manufacturer Facturee is now offering full versions of its two new online tools – the first online calculator on the market to convert Rz/Ra roughness values and the first fit calculator to include a quantity processing function and reciprocal calculation. As an online manufacturing network, Facturee specializes in the easy procurement of CNC, sheet metal and 3D printed parts. Both of their new online tools are aimed at supporting engineers and students in designing and working with production parts. They are available free of charge at https://www.facturee.de/online-tools/

Online manufacturer Facturee uses digitalization, automation, and networking to offer its customers an advanced approach to procuring production parts. The company’s new online tools will help users in their everyday engineering tasks, with both solutions givingFacturee a unique selling point on the market.

“We’ve developed the first online calculator for converting Rx/Ra roughness values in all directions. There are several ways of determining the surface quality of manufactured parts. The most common are the roughness average, Ra, and the roughness depth, Rz. Since direct conversions of Rz and Ra are impossible, there hasn’t been an online tool addressing this challenge up to now. Our calculator outputs the average value of a conversion interval determined by us, which is sufficient in practice and provides significantly more accurate results than the various rules of thumb you’ll find on the Internet,” explains Benjamin Schwab, Head of Marketing & Sales at Facturee.

Facturee also offers an optimized fit calculator, the first of its kind on the market to provide a quantity processing function and reciprocal calculation. “Not only can the online fit calculator establish the maximum tolerated dimensions for a given nominal dimension and type of fit, it’s also the first fit calculator that features reciprocal calculation. This can be helpful if, alongside the nominal dimension, only the tolerance deviations and not the tolerance classes are specified on drawings. If both the internal and external fit are given, the type of fit, for example clearance fit, is also calculated, and visualized in a comprehensible way,” explains Benjamin Schwab.

Facturee has precisely tailored the online tools to customer requirements. Even in the beta phase, the tools were being accessed an average of over 1,000 times per day.

“The demand for the new online calculators is very high. During the beta phase, we collected feedback from users and used it to create the full version. For the fit calculator, for example, users also wanted to be able to calculate the center of tolerance, so we added this feature. In the future, we will continue taking the community’s requirements on board and creating the tools needed,” says Benjamin Schwab.

Source and photo: Facturee

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