First Schuler servo transfer press for Turkey

by Hans Diederichs

AK-PRES installs 1.600 metric ton machine suited for producing lightweight parts

AK-PRES Automotive, founded in 1990, is a supplier corporation within the Küçükoğlu Holding. With its 50,000 m² of covered area factories in Sakarya and Bursa, AK-PRES supplies shaped metal sheet and welding parts to the world's giant car brands. The Turkish company, which is one of the country’s first 1,000 industrial organizations, invests in the latest technology available to the automotive industry in order to achieve sustainable growth and continuous development of the sector – like the 1.600 metric ton machine including automation it has now installed. This is the first servo transfer press Schuler has ever delivered to Turkey.

The TSD servo transfer press is ideally suited for processing high-strength steels which are commonly used for lightweight construction. Thanks to the operator-programmable time / travel motion sequences as well as the ability to provide rest times for in-die functions, processes such as welding and lasering can also be integrated reliably into the press cycle.

The TSD 1600 supplied to AK-PRES comes with a bed length of 6.100 mm and a bed width of 2,500 mm. The productivity can reach up to 40 strokes per minute, depending on the programmed stroke height and kinematics. Besides, it provides flexibility in press speed and die opening with its oscillating stroke mode.

Schuler’s TSD series can process a wide variety of components and materials from simple stamped parts to overly complex structural parts. The user interface developed by Schuler includes a curve generator, called the “Optimizer”, which carefully coordinates the slide kinematics and automation parameters to give exceptionally reliable processes. The try out functions with a hand wheel and intelligent die change systems with semi or fully automatic die changes lead to short set-up and changeover times.

Source and photo: Schuler A

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