German Steel Federation welcomes support for steel industry from the federal states

by Hans Diederichs

The  Conference of German Prime Ministers last week also dealt with the prospects for the steel industry in Germany. In a joint resolution, the federal states committed themselves to steel production in Germany. Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation (Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl), welcomes the initiative: "It is an important signal that the Prime Ministers are sending to the Federal Government and the European Commission. Berlin and Brussels must now put in place the framework conditions demanded by the Länder to ensure the industry's international competitiveness and enable the long-term transition to low-CO2 steel production in Germany".

The steel industry in Germany with its innovative processes and products is already making an important contribution to climate protection. "In order to achieve the goal of a climate-neutral economy, substantial additional investments will be required by 2050. A political flanking of new low CO2 technologies in research and development as well as for large-scale implementation is indispensable", Kerkhoff continues. The federal states also see a special need for support here.

In their resolution, the heads of government of the federal states warn against this background against additional burdens from energy and climate policy as well as the worsening situation in international trade. President Kerkhoff commented: "The steel industry in Germany is dependent on competitive framework conditions. This also includes enough protection against the diversion of import flows into the European market resulting from US trade policy. What is also needed is a climate policy that provides incentives for the transition to low-CO2 production instead of creating competitive disadvantages for Germany as an industrial and steel location."

Source: WV Stahl                   Photo: Fotolia


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