German steel recyclers demand consistent implementation of EU green deal

by David Fleschen

The Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Waste Management e. V. (BDSV), along with eleven other associations, is calling on the federal government to use the one-year German EU Council Presidency from June 2020 to promote the ecological modernization of Germany as an industrial location. In the joint letter to Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, the upcoming EU Council Presidency is described as a great opportunity for the European circular economy.

The associations list an EU-wide landfill ban on untreated municipal waste (from 2030), sustainable procurement for public authorities, industry and commerce as well as the swift adoption of a comprehensive battery directive. Furthermore, the introduction of a uniform EU-wide recycling label, the safeguarding of harmonized deposit systems for beverage packaging in the EU and the creation of uniform quality standards for recycling raw materials are called for jointly.

BDSV Managing Director Thomas Junker: "In addition to the required measures by the associations involved, we as a steel recycling association will work to ensure that the German government, in addition to the cost-intensive technological leaps in the steel industry for decarbonization, especially the increased use of steel scrap prepared for secondary raw materials as technically mature and pushes ahead with a measure that can be implemented with comparatively little investment. "
Source: BDSV, Photo: Fotolia

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