Hanza's order intake from the defense industry doubled to 150 million SEK per year

by David Fleschen

HANZA AB sees a strong order intake from the defense industry where a company has now reached an order backlog and deliveries for about SEK 150 million per year, which means more than doubling compared to 2022 when HANZA delivered for SEK 65 million.

The expanded orders relate to both production and product development and mean deeper cooperation in several of HANZA's factories.

"It is gratifying to receive this confidence from a global player in the defense industry that delivers market-leading products and sets high quality and safety requirements", says Veronica Svensson, Sales Director, Scandinavia.

HANZA's cluster concept, which brings together different manufacturing technologies together with services in product and design development, is a major reason for the more than doubled order value.

"We see more and more people demanding our manufacturing solutions and this is further proof that our cluster concept delivers customer value", says Tom Dahlén, Group Sales Director.

Source: Hanza, Photo: Fotolia

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