Higher availability and increased yield

by Hans Diederichs

voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG has commissioned a three-die crimping press supplied by SMS group. The new press, which replaces a predecessor model supplied by SMS group back in 1998, will assure voestalpine Tubulars an increase in plant availability and higher yield. With the new press, the company will be able to further optimize crimping geometries and reduce set-up times. The entire crimping cycle – performed in combination with the associated auxiliary equipment – has been reduced to just 17 seconds. Crimping is a process that forms metal plate into a dish without reducing the thickness of the plate.

Thanks to the modern hydraulics and control systems, and the threeway-controlled hydraulic cylinders, the new crimping press in operation at voestalpine Tubulars carries out the crimping centrically at very short cycle times. During this process, no shear stress is being induced into the material and there is no buckle formation in between the crimping dies. This will result in a substantial improvement in the crimping shapes of the wide range of very different hollow geometries.

The new crimping press is part of the CPE (Cross Piercing Elongating) line on which voestalpine Tubulars manufactures highgrade tubular products for a broad application range.

Source and photo: SMS group

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