Intermediate and finish rolling in one and the same mill

by Hans Diederichs

SMS group has commissioned another new copper cold rolling mill at the Chinese copper manufacturer Jintian Ningbo Copper Co., Ltd. in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. The plant is designed for intermediate and finish rolling of cold strip made of copper and copper alloys. The success is linked seamlessly and quickly to the start of production of the breakdown mill in mid-March 2020. With this, Jintian Ningbo Copper Co., Ltd. has increased the production capacity by further process levels.

Intermediate and finish rolling is carried out by the new reversing cold mill in CVC®plus six-high design. The maximum strip width is 650 millimeters with a maximum ingoing thickness of up to 3 millimeters. The minimum strip thickness that can be achieved with this rolling stage is 0.1 millimeters as a final product or as semi-finished product for further processing.

The six-high cold rolling mill is provided with the latest rolling technology, which offers maximum flexibility in production planning and ensures excellent quality for the rolled products. Beside the hydraulic adjustment system, the proven CVC®plus technology (Continuous Variable Crown) for the precise setting of the roll gap is applied. Work roll shifting combined with the positive and negative work and intermediate roll bending ensures precise and economically efficient rolling operation. The exit side multizone cooling system finalizes the flatness results at high level.

The X-Pact® electrical and automation system from SMS group performs rolling process control and monitoring. Among other things, it includes Level 2 which is perfectly matched to the plant type and the product portfolio.

SMS group also supplied the fluid power systems. A Multi-Plate® filter ensures sustainable cleaning of the rolling oil.

The next important milestone will be reached in mid-May; the third cold rolling mill is scheduled to go into operation at that time. Jintian Ningbo Copper Co., Ltd. is already very satisfied with the performance of SMS group, which was delivered in a particularly challenging time.

Source and photo: SMS group

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