Iran’s semi-finished steel exports decline by 29 percent y/y

by David Fleschen

Iran’s semi-finished steel exports during past fiscal year (ended on March 20) stood at 4.899 million tons, according to Iranian Steel Producers Association’s (ISPA) latest report.

The figure shows a 29% decline compared to the previous year (March 2017-2018), during which Iranian producers shipped some 6.872 million tons of semi-finished steel to foreign markets.

Billet and bloom shipments made up the bulk of exports (67%), reaching 3.314 million tons. Slab exports came next with a 1.585 million tons.

According to another report by ISPA, the exports of finished steel products during the last fiscal year reached 2.98 million tons, up 84% year-on-year.

Rebar was the main exported finished product with 1.65 million tons, registering a 177% jump compared with a year before.

Source: ISPA, Photo: Fotolia

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