Metalloinvest creates research facility to develop new types of premium iron ore

by David Fleschen

The plant, for which there are no counterparts in Russia, was developed jointly with specialists from the TOMS Institute. Six block-modules house more than 1,000 pieces of equipment for the operation of control systems, ore preparation, classification, flotation, magnetic separation, fine crushing and screening.

Rinat Ismagilov, Director of the Mining Production Department of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: “The project upholds Metalloinvest's leadership in the development of new types of premium quality iron ore. A beneficiation plant in miniature has been created. It allows us to simulate any existing or prospective beneficiation scheme in a short period of time and produce a prototype product. We are able to trial the technology under conditions that are as close to industrial ones as possible, with minimal financial expenditure.”

The pilot plant makes it possible to redirect product flows and include or exclude individual operations from the scheme. This significantly reduces the time and cost of evaluating new ideas, as well as testing design and technological solutions, before implementing them in production.

Currently, the three main areas of the work at the pilot plant are the development of production schemes for the concentrate post-treatment facility being constructed at Mikhailovsky GOK and the flotation facility at Lebedinsky GOK, as well as the oxidized quartzite enrichment technology developed by Metalloinvest's specialists.

The plant has world-class equipment, automation systems and visualisation processes, remote launch, video surveillance and technology control systems.

The plant is mobile and can be disassembled into individual modules for transportation in a short timeframe and without dismantling equipment.

Source and Photo: Metalloinvest

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