Metso Outotec: 100 new Life Cycle Services agreements in 2021

by David Fleschen

Metso Outotec has experienced substantial growth in its Life Cycle Services (LCS) business by capturing more than 100 new customer agreements during 2021. The customer base for the new agreements covers global and regional mining companies and large as well as mid-size quarries and aggregates contractors. An LCS agreement is typically signed for a 12-month period but can also cover multiple years of cooperation.

Metso Outotec is a market leader in providing unique Life Cycle Services programs for its customers. Through its deep knowledge of the entire customer process and offering – from equipment to a broad range of services – and supported by digitalization, Metso Outotec can help customers exceed their performance targets. The Life Cycle Services offering covers the entire after-market portfolio, including process support and optimization, sustainable wears, spares, and service solutions. Metso Outotec supports customers in ensuring safety and environmental performance, improving reliability and production performance to achieve higher production and resource efficiency, as well as optimizing total cost of ownership.

“Our customers are increasingly interested in getting the most out of their valuable assets. The agreements are customizable to meet each customer’s unique needs. We are continuously expanding the LCS offering to new technologies; the latest launch was four progressive LCS programs for filtration, and we will soon introduce new technology-specific packages for mining customers,” says Annami Toukoniitty, Head of Integrated Services Solutions, Metso Outotec.

The total value of the orders is not disclosed. The orders are booked on a phased basis, depending on the length of the agreement. About 90 percent of the orders are booked to the Minerals segment and 10 percent to the Aggregates segment. Some of the agreements are performance-based, in which Metso Outotec gets paid according to the output of the customer’s process.

Currently, Metso Outotec has more than 500 long-term service agreements for mining and aggregates customers globally. Metso Outotec has been offering innovative Life Cycle Services for over 10 years.

Source: Metso Outotec, Photo: Fotolia

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