Metso Outotec to continue Prerov foundry operations in Czech Republic

by David Fleschen

Metso Outotec has concluded the evaluation process of its Prerov foundry in Czech Republic, announced in November 2022. After carefully evaluating multiple options and their implications as well as the market outlook, the company has decided to continue the foundry’s operations.

During the evaluation process, the energy prices have significantly decreased, and the competitiveness and operational efficiency of the foundry have improved thanks to strong in-house development actions. In addition, the market outlook for needed production capacity is stronger.   

”We are very pleased that we can continue our foundry operations in Prerov. Our employees’ commitment to developing the foundry’s operations during the evaluation process has been excellent. Now we will focus on further improving the foundry’s operations and competitiveness,says Heikki Metsälä, President, Consumables business area at Metso Outotec.

The Prerov foundry produces metallic wear parts for Metso Outotec’s mining customers.

Currently, the Prerov foundry employs around 170 people. Including Prerov, the company has five own foundries in China, India, and Brazil, and an extensive network of external suppliers.  

Source: Metso Outotec, Photo: Fotoloa

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