Metso Outotec to restructure its rubber and poly-met wear part production

by David Fleschen

Metso Outotec is developing its global rubber and poly-met supply chain by restructuring its consumables wears manufacturing operations in North America.  The company has decided to discontinue its factory operations in North Bay, Canada. The production will be ramped down by the end of the first half of 2021. The closure will affect a total of approx. 65 employees. Metso Outotec will utilize the existing North and Central American manufacturing footprint in order to serve customers.

“We are continuously developing our global supply footprint to ensure sustainable and profitable growth. To close a factory is a hard but necessary decision, and we realize that it will have implications on our employees. We will work to support them through the transition,” says Sami Takaluoma, President, Consumables business area at Metso Outotec.

The North Bay unit produce rubber and poly-met wear parts used in the mining industry. Today, Metso Outotec is the leading provider of rubber and poly-met mill lining with an extensive service network in all main mining markets. The company operates currently 11 factories manufacturing synthetic solutions globally.

Source: Metso Outotec, Photo: Fotolia

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