NAN 3 FEED: the smallest high-feed multi-tooth milling cutter on the market

by David Fleschen

With solid carbide end mills, a diameter of eight to ten millimeters is a common size. With the NAN 3 FEED, ISCAR is now presenting an economical alternative with indexable inserts in this diameter range. The new concept is based on the NAN 3 MILL line, the small 90 ° high feed milling cutters that were developed as part of ISCAR's LOGIQ campaign.

The NAN 3 FEED is ISCAR's brand new high feed milling cutter for single-sided, triangular miniature indexable inserts (WSP) in the diameter range of eight to ten millimeters. Not only is it particularly small, it also has one more tooth than most of the WSP solutions on the market. This makes the tool run smoother and the individual inserts last longer. It is equipped with one-sided, triangular FFT3 TXMT 020105T indexable inserts with three cutting edges and has a maximum cutting depth of 0.6 millimeters.

The plates are made from the PVD-coated grade IC830 and enable efficient machining of steel, cast steel and ISO P. Their positive rake angle ensures a soft cut and facilitates oblique plunging. The WSP are fastened with the clamping system, which has already proven itself in the NAN 3 MILL line. The screw acts like a clamping wedge. It ensures a secure and firm fit of the insert and prevents parts from falling off during assembly.

The main area of ​​application for this new milling cutter line is the highly efficient roughing of small components, especially the milling of pockets and cavities in tool and mold making. NAN 3 FEED is also suitable for multitasking machining centers, driven tools on lathes and machines with low drive power. The NAN 3 FEED is available in two versions. As an end mill with internal coolant supply, which ensures efficient cooling of the cutting edges and optimum chip evacuation, and as an end mill with a MULTI-MASTER interface.

Source and Photo: ISCAR

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