Neff protects dies with newly developed Schuler system

by Hans Diederichs

At the end of 2019, the household appliance manufacturer Neff, based in Bretten, Germany, purchased Schuler's camera-supported monitoring system "Visual Die Protection". Shortly after installation, the system detected that a part was wrongly positioned in the die, stopped the press immediately and thus prevented damage.

Leonardo Serosi from the production support team at Neff Hausgeräte is enthusiastic: "This is the solution we have been waiting for. We saw 'Visual Die Protection' during a demonstration and wanted it as quickly as possible. It was immediately clear to us how much cost we could save if it could be used to prevent damage to tools and machinery.”

Schuler first presented the system to the public at the Protec Technology Days at the end of September 2019. Only a few days later, the test run started at Neff in Bretten – with successful results: "Visual Die Protection" identified a misalignment of parts and stopped the press before the dies were placed on them.

At present, the intuitively operated system is running on twelve critical die sets, whose parameters can be called up quickly. Schuler is currently developing it further in close cooperation with Neff. In addition, the experts are now adding further Internet of Things features for documenting the production process and eliminating sources of error. They are also expanding the technologies used for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Source and graphic: Schuler AG

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