New Chief Executive of German Steel Federation calls for transformation

by David Fleschen

When taking up her post at the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl, the new Chief Executive Kerstin Maria Rippel said:

"The transformation of the steel industry is in full swing because companies have moved forward courageously and not only made a strategic commitment to climate neutrality and already invested in new technologies. Given the enormous scale of the change, however, the industry cannot do it alone. It needs politics, it needs a suitable framework for change - which must be created now. Because the industry is at a crossroads: either the steel industry in Germany makes the transition to climate-neutral production, or it disappears from our country.

Together with the member companies and the team of the German Steel Federation, I will work hard to ensure that politicians in Berlin and Brussels now quickly set in motion a transformation framework that will enable sustainable steel production in Germany - and thus also contribute to meeting the climate targets that have been set. This includes climate protection agreements as well as the creation of lead markets for green steel. Most urgently, however, a solution must be found for the high energy costs in Germany: We need an industrial electricity price now so that steel companies can continue to produce competitively in our country."

Source and Photo: WV Stahl

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