Nucor Corporation choses Fives for a completely new packaging system

by David Fleschen

Nucor Corporation, North America’s largest steelmaker, chose Fives, an industrial engineering group, for a completely new packaging system and a cut-off for at their Nucor Tubular Product facility, located in Marseilles, USA.

Nucor Marseilles was looking to maximize the productivity and reliability of their mill while also increasing the safety of operators by moving away from manual packaging and strapping techniques.

Fives will provide Nucor Marseilles with a new Taylor-Wilson packaging system from the run-out all the way to the distribution of the bundles. This new packaging system will be capable of packaging tubes from 18’ to 80’ long with wall thickness up to 5/8” and mother tubes up to 12 ¾”.

Fives partnered up with ITIPACK to provide the best solution for Nucor Marseilles. ITIPACK will supply an automatic strapping mechanism while Fives provides the handling and bundling solutions. These automated systems will increase safety of operators by removing the need to handle tube by hand and will maximize the overall productivity and reliability of the mill exit.

“Our proven technical expertise and finishing solutions gave Fives the upper hand in this project. The long-standing relationship between Fives and Nucor was an added benefit, as Nucor already has trust in our solutions,” says Ricardo Sierra, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Fives Bronx, Inc., a subsidiary of Fives, which specializes in mill and finishing equipment. “This technical expertise and our hands-on support will continue to be what makes Fives the best partner,” he adds.

Following the success of the new packaging system order, Nucor Marseilles also chose Fives to put in a new cut-off for their 12K Abbey mill, which was originally installed for structural applications. This new cut-off will be a multi-mode cut-off machine which allows for improved quality cuts while maximizing the cutting speeds. With the packaging system and cut-off being installed by Fives on the same mill, this became a great opportunity to implement them together and create an integrated solution.

Fives will also be upgrading the Transition Beam System (TBS) on the 12K Abbey mill at Nucor Marseilles to support their current market requirements of 0.630” max thickness for HSS tubing. TBS is an optimized forming system capable of improving the forming process for a large range of tube sizes while also minimizing tooling costs and reducing changeover times.

Source and Photo: Fives

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