On 24 May the two new events wire and Tube Eurasia will premiere in Istanbul

by David Fleschen

On 24 May, the two new events wire and Tube Eurasia will celebrate their trade fair premiere in Istanbul.

Initially planned as a participation business within the framework of the two established Turkish trade fairs Wire TECH Istanbul and Tube & Steel Istanbul, all four events together will occupy 8,100 square metres net. 210 exhibitors present concentrated technology power from the wire, cable, tube and pipe industries on four trade fair days.

Global players and medium-sized companies take advantage of the opportunities to present themselves on the Turkish market. As a hub between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, Istanbul is the ideal platform for initiating business with companies from these regions.

For the premiere of wire and Tube Eurasia, 122 exhibitors will come to the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center on more than 2,100 square metres net. With 88 exhibitors, wire Eurasia will occupy an area of over 1,500 square metres, while Tube Eurasia will have 34 exhibitors on about 600 square metres.

The already established Turkish trade fairs Tube % Steel and Wire TECH are expected to attract a total of 88 exhibitors on an area of almost 6,000 square metres.

As Turkey's leading trade fair and hall operator, Tüyap has been successfully organising trade fairs and conferences in the region and internationally since 1979.

Source and Photo: Wire Tradefair

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