Pipe beveling machine creates perfectly squared beveled ends

by David Fleschen

A portable, easy to operate pipe beveling tool that is designed to produce perfectly square and parallel bevels to help assure high-integrity welded joints has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The Esco Wart MILLHOG® Portable Pipe Beveler mounts securely into the pipe I.D. using a self-centering draw rod assembly with a mandrel featuring expandable clamps. Designed to create precise square and beveled pipe ends with ± 0.001” accuracy, it has a 3-blade holder that can bevel, face, and bore any angle of end-prep, simultaneously, without using cutting fluids.

Ideal for highly alloyed materials or carbon steel, the Esco Wart MILLHOG® Portable Pipe Beveler runs at 98 RPM and incorporates robust construction with highly reliable dual-opposed taper roller bearings. Suited for tube and pipe from 0.75” I.D. to 4.5” O.D., it is offered in pneumatic and electric motors. A wide variety of TiN coated blades are available.

Source and Photo: ESCO Tool

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