POSCO Launches Corporate Citizenship Website

by David Fleschen

POSCO (CEO Jeong-Woo Choi) opened the Corporate Citizenship website (http://corporatecitizenship.posco.com) so that the public can easily understand the concept of “Corporate Citizenship” — POSCO’s management philosophy.

The Corporate Citizenship website has four main sections — ‘Corporate Citizenship’, ‘CEO Corner’, ‘Newsroom’, and ‘Corporate Citizenship Report’. The Corporate Citizenship website can also be accessed via the POSCO official website.

The ‘Corporate Citizenship’ section introduces the concept and management system of Corporate Citizenship, the Charter of Corporate Citizenship, and six major projects that POSCO is implementing. The ‘CEO Corner’ delivers CEO Choi’s message and speeches. The ‘Newsroom’ section presents POSCO’s Corporate Citizenship activities in image and video forms, and the trends of global Corporate Citizenship — along with best practice examples of domestic & foreign corporates, and contribution articles from Corporate Citizenship experts. The Corporate Citizenship Report — which is an integrated report of POSCO’s overall economic, environmental, and social sustainability performance in major group businesses — can be found on this website as well.

This year marks the third year since POSCO declared Corporate Citizenship as its management philosophy. POSCO will actively communicate through this website to amplify Corporate Citizenship into an innovative movement beyond the corporate level, and hence, create a better society.

The POSCO 1% Foundation is to hold a business idea contest and propel various projects through external collaboration.

Both groups and individuals can apply. The winning team gets 2 million KRW, four runner-up teams get 1 million KRW each, and for the third place, six teams each get 500 thousand KRW. The application form is on the POSCO 1% Foundation website (www.poscofoundation.org), and the completed form should be sent to nanum@poscofoundation.org.

The fields of application include support projects for children, adolescents, multicultural families, and the disabled; culture and art projects for the underprivileged; and projects that could help resolve social problems in various areas, including Pohang and Gwangyang.

POSCO 1% Foundation started as POSCO executives and head employees donated 1% of their salaries. Since its foundation in 2013, POSCO 1% Foundation has been carrying out various activities for future generations, multicultural families, and the disabled. POSCO also matches and donates the same amount as the donation amount of employees. Since last year, 98% of POSCO employees participated, thus, establishing POSCO 1% Foundation as a representative foundation in Korea with employee participants.

Source and Photo: Posco

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