Primetals receives FAC for two Aluminum tandem cold mills

by Hans Diederichs

Last year, Constellium's Rolled Products plant in Singen, issued the final acceptance certicates (FAC) for two tandem cold mills modernized by Primetals Technologies at its production facility in Singen, Germany. The targets of the modernization project were to improve strip quality parameters, enhance productivity and modernize the automation system, thus improving availability and repeatability.

Primetals Technologies´ scope of supply encompassed a new mill automation system for both mills as well as modifications to the mechanical and fluids equipment. Both modernization projects further enhance the performance of both rolling mills and will consolidate Constellium’s leading position in the growing Aluminum market.

The three-stand cold tandem mill receives Aluminum pre-strips directly from the hot mill upstream via roller tables and a cooling section. The coils from the three-stand cold tandem mill exit side are transferred via a high-bay storage area to the two-stand tandem cold mill where, after cooling down, the coils are rolled to final gauge. Both best-in-class equipment will allow to meet highest customers quality requests and to further optimize production processes.

Source and photo: Primetals Technologies

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