Primetals commissions continuous heat treatment line for AMAG

by Hans Diederichs

Primetals Technologies modernized continuous heat treatment line no. 2 at the Ranshofen plant of the aluminum producer AMAG rolling GmbH and brought it into operation on schedule in August 2019. Primetals Technologies replaced the outmoded open- and closed-loop controls for the strip transport and furnace, switchgear, cables and sensor technology, and also added control containers and hydraulic components. Protective fences and doors with access control were installed to increase personal and operational safety. The entire modification and commissioning were completed in less than one month. The very first coil produced on the modernized plant fulfilled the required quality criteria and was therefore able to be sold.

Primetals Technologies, an all-round provider, made short work of commissioning

The modernization of continuous heat treatment line no. 2 covered renewal of the electrical installations, automation and many mechanical components, such as the spool stacks and scrap handling. Acting as an all-round provider of the required services, products and software solutions, Primetals Technologies was able to complete the project in just a few months – and the commissioning in less than one month. AMAG rolling and Primetals Technologies have already been working together successfully for more than 20 years on the construction, servicing and modernization of aluminum sheet production plants in Ranshofen. The know-how gained by both partners over the years was also an important factor contributing to the successful rapid completion of the project.

Meets the demanding quality criteria of the aviation industry

The products of AMAG rolling at Ranshofen include special aluminum alloys for the aviation industry. Continuous heat treatment line no. 2 is part of a highly sensitive facility for producing aluminum sheets. The sheets have to be heated in the furnace precisely to the defined target temperature within a maximum tolerance of three degrees. The coils produced are subjected to special tests before acceptance. After Primetals Technologies had successfully commissioned the modernized continuous heat treatment line no. 2, the first coil produced already met these strict quality criteria.

Source and photo: Primetals Technologies

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