Primetals receives final acceptance for modernization of millstand drives

by David Fleschen

In February 2023, Primetals Technologies received the final acceptance certificate (FAC) from the Hämeenlinna steelworks, a part of steel producer SSAB, for a comprehensive upgrade of the main drives for millstand No. 1 at the 4-stand tandem cold rolling mill in Hämeenlinna, Finland. This milestone marks the successful completion of Phase 1 of the modernization project. The second phase encompasses upgrading the main drives for millstand No. 2.

Primetals Technologies upgraded the complete drive system, including transformers, drive, and motor, at millstand No. 1. The project involved the manufacture of a synchronous motor that uses a new stator as well as a spare rotor and slip rings. The old oil transformers were replaced with new maintenance free and environmentally friendly dry-type transformers. Also, the controllers and drive systems were upgraded to state-of-the-art technology. New excitation and auxiliary systems round off the Phase 1 scope.

The team from Primetals Technologies found a solution to successfully merge the existing and new hardware and software systems. As part of the solution, the Level 1 automation system was modified and optimized to match the new environment.

The upgrade secures the supply of spare parts for the millstand drives and increases the availability of the tandem cold rolling mill. A key reason why Primetals Technologies originally won the order was the successful collaboration between SSAB Hämeenlinna and Primetals Technologies on several recent projects, including a modernization of the Level 2 automation system at the tandem cold rolling mill in 2022 and a modernization of the Level 1 automation system at the same mill in 2017.

The 4-stand tandem cold rolling mill at SSAB Hämeenlinna produces coils with widths from 660 to 1,575 millimeters and thicknesses from 0.35 to 3.1 millimeters. SSAB Hämeenlinna manufactures premium products for customers in the automotive industry. These items include ultra-high strength galvanized steel, used, for example, for producing car safety components.

Source and Photo: Primetals

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