Quenching and HSD® lines successfully commissioned at Daehan Sinpyeong

by Hans Diederichs

South Korean Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. has smoothly re-started production with new SMS group quenching and high-speed lines following the successful modernization of the Sinpyeong bar mill. The Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) was signed two months ahead of the original schedule, thanks to the strong cooperation between SMS group and Daehan Steel.

The main target of the modernization was to reduce the ferro-alloys content in the billets, which results in a substantial production cost reduction. The upgrade also aimed to improve the production efficiency with the product range from 16 to 35 millimeters rebar and steel grades up to SD600.

The modernization project was completed within 13 months only and ended to the full satisfaction of both companies.

The scope consisted of the replacement of the existing quenching line with a new one, two dividing shears with associated pinch rolls, bar braking system and an HSD® line (High-Speed Delivery), the unique system to feed bars onto the cooling bed at high speed via rotating channels. Additionally, the supply included an automation package by SMS group for machine and process control.

Source and photo: SMS group


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