Salzgitter Flachstahl selects Energiron DR technology for DRI plant in Germany

by David Fleschen

Salzgitter Flachstahl chose Energiron DR technology for its new direct reduction plant, to be installed at its historical facility in Salzgitter –Lower Saxony, Germany– specialized in the production of quality hot- and cold-rolled flat products.

The order for this hydrogen-ready plant is an important step in the technology transition of Salzgitter Flachstahl from ironmaking to electric steelmaking, which targets a final 95% carbon emission reduction.

The quality DRI produced by the 2.1 Mtpy, Zero-reformer Energiron DR plant will allow sustainable production of quality, hot-strip coils through a new electric steel meltshop.

The order also includes the patented Hytemp® system for hot-DRI pneumatic transport for hot charging into the EAF up to 600 °C, generating energy savings. The plant will be capable to produce cold DRI too.

Hybrid by design, Energiron technology makes it possible to use NG as reducing agent with the possibility to hydrogen up to 100% or any mix of these. Actually, the use of some natural gas during the DR process is appropriate for adding a minimum carbon needed during melting.

The technology has the capability to capture and use CO2, which will further reduce the overall plant carbon emissions and provide an additional revenue stream for the plant operations.

The startup of the new Energiron DRI plant, which is foreseen by July 2026, will be the first cornerstone towards a “hard-to-abate industry decarbonization” in Europe.

A second Energiron DRP will be installed in a next phase, at the same Salzgitter site.

On May 23, during the contract signing ceremony, Gunnar Groebler, Chairman of the Executive Board of Salzgitter AG said: "We are underpinning our motto 'A new way of thinking for a new industry' today with a clear signal to the market. As early as 2026, we will be in a position to produce significant quantities of Green Steel and make it available to our customers. I am pleased and also a little proud that we, as a pioneer with fully up-front financing for the first stage of our transformation program, have today awarded this contract to our strong partners. We have thus taken a decisive step forward on the way to a scheduled start of production of the SALCOS® route in 2026."

His words were followed by Danieli CEO, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, who added “Danieli is proud to be beside Salzgitter Flachstahl in this outstanding project that will be a lighthouse for the steel industry decarbonization. The use of the Energiron technology, jointly developed by Danieli and Tenova, is a definitive step towards a Green Steel era, with the possibility to use different amounts of hydrogen, up to 100%, as an alternative reducing agent in order to lower more and more the carbon footprint, without changing the standard and mature plant configuration. We are fully committed as a technological partner of Salzgitter to make this a great success.”

Source and Photo: Danieli

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