Samuel Associated Tube Group to build new facility and add jobs in Alabama

by David Fleschen

Samuel Associated Tube Group, a division of Samuel, Son & Co.(USA) Inc., today announced plans to invest approximately $29 million and create additional new jobs by building a new manufacturing facility in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Samuel Associated Tube Group is a manufacturer of small diameter, electric-resistance-welded and fabricated carbon steel tubing. The Company, along with its developer, will build a new 284,000 square foot facility at 300 Fleming Road, Birmingham, AL to be used for the production of new business, the consolidation of other existing facilities, and provide capacity for future growth. The new facility is expected to be fully operational before December 31, 2020.

“We are very excited about expanding into our new facility,” said Vice President and General Manager Kristen Hudak. “We’ve been growing steadily over the past several years, and due to our growth have been looking for the right location to expand our business operations. This new location and facility will give us the opportunity to serve and meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

The company is part of the Samuel Group of companies and has been in Jefferson County since 1973.  Samuel Associated Tube Group - Birmingham currently employs 190 and converts carbon steel coil into high quality mechanical or structural tubing. The Company offers precision cutting and fabrication of components and welded subassemblies. In addition, the Company also offers both robotic MIG and manual welding as desired to meet each customer’s product specifications and volume requirements. The growing customer base spans the Power Sports, Lawn and Garden, Furniture, Power Transmission, Automotive, and Agriculture markets as well as servicing many other industries across the US.

The Company has worked with the State of Alabama, Alabama Department of Commerce, Jefferson County, the City of Fultondale, Alabama Power, and the Birmingham Business Alliance on the project.

"Samuel Associated Tube Group’s expansion will have a significant impact on our local economy by creating approximately 50 new jobs, investing $29 million and repurposing a brownfield property – but I am particularly thankful that 190 skilled, hardworking employees will remain active in Jefferson County’s workforce," said Commissioner Steve Ammons.

“An essential function in economic development is proactively engaging with companies like Samuel Associated Tube Group to support the retention and expansion of existing businesses in our region while providing the technical assistance and resources that focus on the company’s productivity and ability to stay competitive. Supporting Birmingham’s existing industries comes down to teamwork between companies like Samuel Associated Tube Group and our economic development allies, like the Jefferson County Commission and the Alabama Department of Commerce. This Canadian-based company found continued value in our community and our workforce to improve its overall productivity in this consolidation and, as a team, we thank them for their growth," said Birmingham Business Alliance Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion Mark Brown.

Source: Samuel Photo: Fotolia

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