SCANLAB extends its brand protection to electronic control boards for laser scan systems

by David Fleschen

As the leading OEM manufacturer of laser scan systems and control electronics, SCANLAB GmbH is extending its product counterfeit protection to include control boards. Here, the company employs modern security technology that protects users from product piracy and substandard copies. This counterfeit protection assures customers of the system’s genuineness and verifies the quality feature ‘engineered and manufactured in Germany’. Starting in 2020, all delivered RTC control boards now bear an individually encoded brand protection security label that guarantees each system’s uniqueness, genuineness and traceability.

Product piracy is a challenge practically every renowned manufacturer must eventually deal with. The damage to industry and users alike is considerable: On one hand cheap product copies cause economic losses, and on the other hand buyers are defrauded and harmed by using deficient products. Affected customers can’t rely on manufacturing quality standards and well-established test cycles. Furthermore, they may be surprised by problems with software updates and repair inquiries.

This is why SCANLAB already began equipping its scan systems and galvos with counterfeit-proof security labels in 2016. Beginning in 2020, all control boards, too, will bear these smart labels.

How Counterfeit Protection Works

The brand protection security label can’t be removed without leaving residue, its holographic elements make it impossible to copy, and it contains multilevel authentication features. Some of these elements are apparent to the naked eye, others require a magnifier or special reading device to be visible. Moreover, individualized encoding and unique serial numbers ensure reliable categorization and traceability of each delivered device. When in doubt, SCANLAB’s customers will now have an easy way to inquire their RTC board’s genuineness.

In addition to labels, SCANLAB is also strengthening system-level cryptographic methods to protect firmware and hardware components from manipulation and product piracy.

Source: SCANLAB, Photo; Fotolia

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