Schuler's TwinServo press extends range of machinery

by Hans Diederichs

"To ensure full customer satisfaction, we always examine and suggest the most efficient and innovative solution," says Ares Benacchio. Therefore, the managing director of the automotive supplier Benacchio has opted for a 2 000-ton underfloor drive TwinServo press including coil line

Benacchio was founded in 1972 as a die manufacturer for sheet-metal forming and today it is still producing them with a size of up to 6500 x 2700 millimeters and a weight up to 40 tons. They are either delivered directly to the final customer or are used internally for producing parts destined for OEM or Tier 1 industry. The company's machinery includes fully automated mechanical and hydraulic presses with a press force of 60 to 2 500 tons, capable of forming steel and aluminum coil with a thickness of 0.4 to 16 millimeters.

Low structural height and compact dimensions

Schuler's 2 000-ton TwinServo press is a perfect enhancement and, with its clamping surface from 2 500 to 7 000 millimeters, now also permits the production of larger sheet metal parts made from aluminum or steel. Thanks to its low structural height and compact dimensions, the system can also be easily integrated into existing machinery. Furthermore, the design reduces noise emissions while increasing energy efficiency.

Last year, Benacchio processed more than 13 000 tons of steel and aluminum into more than twelve million parts – from functional parts, components for batteries, doors and frames all the way to fuel tanks. The last turnover of 26 million euros is rising steadily. With 110 employees, the company has been an official Tier 1 supplier for prestigious European automobile manufacturers since 2017.

The company is growing continuously: "In the past ten years we have succeeded in increasing production value fivefold," reports Ares Benacchio. "Thanks to the future projects, which we will be able to acquire not least thanks to the TwinServo press, we will confirm and further strengthen this positive trend." Schuler will deliver the machine in September 2020.

Source and photo: Schuler AG

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