Servo screw press goes into operation in the Black Forest

by Hans Diederichs

Kaiser Aluminium-Umformtechnik GmbH forges overly complex chassis components for the automotive industry

Kaiser Aluminium-Umformtechnik GmbH, based in Fluorn-Winzeln and Dunningen-Seedorf, is regarded as the leading German manufacturer of forged aluminum components for small and medium-sized series. Now the company from the Black Forest has successfully started up its first Schuler servo screw press. In the PAR 360 SDT system, semi-automatic operation primarily produces overly complex chassis components for the automotive industry.

"With this investment, we are further expanding our market position as a competent partner for forged parts and components in the aluminum sector," says Managing Director Thomas Kaiser. "The installation of the press at our new location in the neighbouring Dunningen-Seedorf can also be seen as an investment in the region and the country."

Schuler now only uses servo motors in its screw press series instead of the previous squirrel-cage drives. The advantages are a lower machine height and improved drive controllability as well as higher starting torques with shorter stroke run times. In addition, working with full working capacity is possible with shorter lifting heights. A closed water cooling circuit for the servo motors replaces the previous cooling system with fresh air supply from the outside and leads to an optimized temperature stability of the drive system regardless of the operating air conditions.

Source and photo: Schuler AG

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