Siam Yamato Steel uses AI model-based energy management solution from SMS group

by David Fleschen

Siam Yamato Steel Company Limited (SYS), specializing in hot-rolled structural steel production, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, has announced partnership with the SMS group's Brazilian subsidiary, Vetta. This partnership is aimed at implementing the state-of-the-art energy management solution, Viridis Performance, at SYS’s production facilities in Rayong province, Thailand. This solution will help optimize energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact.

SYS has two hot-rolled structural steel mills, operating in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut), Rayong province with a total production capacity of 1.1 million tons annually. The Viridis Suite, which includes Viridis Performance, will be deployed to enhance energy efficiency at SYS-MTP, a hot-rolled structural steel mill located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate. The Viridis Performance technology uses advanced AI models to analyze large quantities of real-time data, optimizing the production process, and reducing energy consumption without compromising production capacity.

The agreement between SYS and Vetta marks a significant step towards digitalization and service enhancement in the steel industry. The Viridis Performance system will provide real-time monitoring of variables and parameters critical to energy consumption, such as electricity and natural gas. Innovative dashboards, custom-designed for SYS, will display real-time data against reference targets, enabling operators to respond promptly to any deviations with specific instructions tailored to various production contexts.

SYS's commitment to sustainability is further evidenced by its Map Ta Phut plant's use of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) with a capacity of 600K TPA, utilizing 100 percent recycled steel raw materials. The plant's advanced chemical composition control ensures the production of high-standard semi-finished and finished rolled products, including H-beam wide flanges, I-beams, channels, angles, cut beams, and sheet piles.

The Viridis solution stands alone in its market, offering a platform that combines reliable data treatment with an exhaustive understanding of the metallurgical segment. It is part of the newly established Solution X division of SMS. This division integrates the three critical areas of Engineering & Automation (E/A), Service, and Digitalization, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and efficiency in the steel industry. The Viridis solution is designed to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their steelmaking processes.

Piya Chairat, Plant Manager (SYS-MTP) at Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd., expressed high regard for the metallurgical and technological proficiency of SMS group and Vetta Tecnologia S.A. He is enthusiastic about the potential for enhancing operational effectiveness through this innovative digital solution - Viridis Performance. Piya Chairat said, “The data and outcomes from the on-site evaluation conducted by specialists from SMS group and Vetta convincingly demonstrate the opportunity to boost energy efficiency and achieve a return on investment.”

“Viridis Performance is a true example of technology convergence as it utilizes advanced digital algorithms and mathematical modeling with SMS’s proven domain expertise, to ensure Steel Melt Shops (SMS) operates at optimum levels where energy cost is critical to the entire steelmaking process, ” said Bernhard Steenken, CSO, APAC & MEA, SMS group.

“Our analysis from the energy audit done for the site conducted on the site demonstrates that adopting Viridis Performance will empower Siam Yamato Steel to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, increase capability, and minimize their carbon footprint.” said Fernanda Drumond, Head of Energy and Sustainability at Vetta - SMS group.

Source and Photo: SMS group

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