SIJ Group entrusts PSI with its digital transformation

by Hans Diederichs

PSI Metals has been commissioned by the SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group and its steel company SIJ Metal Ravne with the implementation of the PSImetals modules Production, Quality, Order Dressing and Order Scheduling and Line Scheduling. PSImetals 5.18 will replace two legacy systems in the melt shop and downstream area.

Together with PSI, SIJ Metal Ravne is starting a project directed to the legacy manufacturing systems replacement and creating a new digital manufacturing environment. Project scope includes sales order-based production planning, production and technological process control and quality management control as well as certification and production of stockyards management.

“This project reflects our digital manufacturing strategy and will allow us to complete construction of a fully integrated digital manufacturing architecture on SIJ Metal Ravne: from CRM system to the ERP system including a new production management system which incorporates the technological management system of the melt shop. We are considering further rollout digital manufacturing architecture to other companies in the group,” said Vladimir Arshinov, CIO of the SIJ Group.

SIJ Group expects the new solution to improve the operational KPI’s such as customer order performance, production cycle and stocks level, and to enable their second biggest steel plant SIJ Metal Ravne to enter new markets by fulfilling highest certification demands.

SIJ’s Group IT team will participate in the project from the very beginning, starting with a know-how transfer by PSI experts in the nearby PSI office in Graz, Austria. This will empower the SIJ Group IT team to perform future configuration work and application maintenance. The project will start in September 2019 and is expected to go into operation within 18 months.

Source and photo: PSI

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