Spanish Automobile Sector thanks Spanish Government for crisis measures

by David Fleschen

The coronavirus crisis has become one of the most serious and exceptional situations that Spain has experienced in its democratic history. That is why, given the declaration of the state of alarm, the automotive industry, which represents 10% of GDP and 9% of the active population, wants to reinforce its commitment to the country and to the solution to this very complicated situation. The associations of vehicle and component manufacturers, ANFAC and SERNAUTO, and those of vehicle distribution and marketing, FACONAUTO and GANVAM, in line with CEOE and Cepyme, recognize the efforts of the Government and the coordination measures to guarantee the best possible management of this crisis, the measures to guarantee the transport of goods and the entry and exit of workers in the most demanding security conditions and guarantee sthat the entire sector already complies, with the greatest responsibility, with all the regulations derived from the state declaration alarm and all sanitary requirements to protect the population. In addition, they want to express their support and thanks to all the groups that are working to fight against Covid-19 and to maintain stability and the indispensable resources in the populations. Their work is crucial at these critical moments and it is our responsibility to facilitate their work.

However, this exceptional situation requires an extraordinary response not only at the health and social level but at the economic and labor level, also for the industry and the automotive sector, the associations claim. Responses that allow the industry to overcome this gap and maintain the rhythm, competitiveness and employment of companies, once the state of alarm is lifted. The factories and commercial establishments of the sector are essential to maintain employment in many of the Spanish populations and their maintenance is essential to preserve the economy, now and after this crisis. Contingency plans, launched since the crisis in China, have allowed, with much effort, to maintain production. However, the current situation, in Spain and in Europe as a whole, is very worrying and is already having a significant impact on the activity of our factories and establishments, the associations reports.


That is why the sector is already preparing a shock plan with extraordinary measures that reinforce those already approved by the Government, whose rapid implementation would help minimize the negative impact that this global crisis is already having on our industry, so that viability, competitiveness and employment in the sector as a whole are guaranteed, now and in the months following the end of the state of alarm. Urgent measures of a labor nature are needed, such as the simplification and streamlining of procedures in temporary employment regulation files and a wide range of other economic and fiscal measures. It will also be necessary to open and enable an extraordinary fund to help the sector for industrial and market recovery, as well as a subsequent reflection of the impact of this crisis on the implementation of European obligations in the sector, the representatives of the sector report.

As the claim to
have been doing for decades, the automotive sector promises to maintain its commitment and responsibility with the health and safety of its collaborators and employees and the whole of Spanish society and makes itself available to the Government and unions to jointly develop a plan for urgent measures and extraordinary for the sector.
Source and Photo: ANFAC

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