SSAB and Zetterbergs to collaborate on fossil-free steel supplies

by David Fleschen

SSAB and truck bodies manufacturer Zetterbergs Industri AB are entering into a collaboration on deliveries of fossil-free steel. Thanks to the collaboration, Zetterberg will be able to offer fossil-free truck bodies to its customers in the future.

The collaboration between superstructure manufacturer Zetterbergs Industri AB and SSAB has a long history. For many years, SSAB has been a major supplier of steel and also appointed Zetterbergs to Hardox® In My Body. Now they are taking the full step and becoming partners in deliveries of fossil-free steel.

"For us, it feels like a natural and important step in our development to become one of the first manufacturers in Sweden to be able to offer fossil-free truck bodies to our customers. We would like to be part of this exciting development and contribute to the shift and transition that is now taking place", says Lars Erfäldt, CEO of Zetterbergs.

The Special Steels division within SSAB has been working for a long time to establish Hardox® different products and there is a continuous update. One of the latest is Hardox® 500 Tuf, which is particularly suitable for the products Zetterbergs builds, and where Zetterbergs was one of the very first manufacturers of dumper and tipper trucks to start using Hardox 500 Tuf. Now comes the next stage with the fossil-free alternatives.

Source and Photo: SSAB

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