Start-up and FAC for two semi-automatic manipulator systems

by Hans Diederichs

Automated measurement/sample taking process, no manual handling of heavy lances

Primetals Technologies has received the final acceptance at the steel plant of Dillinger Hütte (AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke) in certificate (FAC) for two semi-automatic horizontal temperature and sample-taking manipulator systems installed at the two BOF converters Germany. The aims of this modernization project were to improve operational safety by automating the processes and thus reducing physical presence of operators in potentially hazardous environment as well as to improve availability – up to 98% in three-shift operation and reproducibility of temperature measurements and sample taking. Previously, temperature measurement and sample taking at the two 190-ton-converterswere conducted manually.

With the new systems, measurement and sample taking processes can take place while the doghouse doors are closed via a newly installed fully automated opening/closing flap. It is also possible to parallelly measure temperature and take samples within one operation/measurement step. The position of the sampling/measurement process in the converter is highly reproducible at maximum charging weight of approximately 210 tons and minimum charging weight of approximately 150 tons, within the converter tipping angles from 83° up to 95°. The measuring lance may be exchanged in less than 10 minutes by two employees during normal converter operation. The exchange of the complete manipulator system at the doghouse door, including disassembly and assembly, mechanics, electrics and media can be performed within one shift (under 9 hours) by quick changing devices and connections.

The residence time of the measuring lance inside the converter is minimized to below 25 seconds, including time for measuring itself, to minimize the heat load of the lance and maximizing its lifetime. Temperature measurement was integrated in the existing temperature analysis system. The manipulator systems are conceived as a low-maintenance design, e.g. by newly developed quick coupling systems at the measuring lance. The existing doghouse doors remained fully functional after manipulator installation. Usage of existing doghouse doors including drives required no modifications regarding statics or motor capacity due to the optimized weight distribution of the manipulator systems. The systems are fully CE compliant regarding design and the safety automation and operation concept within the existing converter steel plant.

Primetals Technologies was responsible for the project management, basic and detail engineering, manufacturing and preassembling, functional tests, packing and transport, erection for mechanics and electrics and automation, commissioning, training on the mechanic and electric equipment, and operation, test-operation with on-call duty, guarantee tests for two semi-automatic horizontal manipulator systems for temperature and oxygen activity measurements as well as steel and sludge sample-taking. Erection and commissioning were carried out during normal converter maintenance and operation. Erection works were finished within 4 days, cold commissioning was finished within 2 days, hot commissioning was finished within 3 days.

Source and photo: Primetals Technologies


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