Start-up of the new Tenova Consteel® EAF

by Hans Diederichs

Tenova, a leading company specialized in innovative solutions for the metals and mining industries, started up the most productive Electric Arc Furnace in history, a Tenova Consteel® EAF, at Acciaieria Arvedi, Cremona (Italy) on September 17 this year.

This record-breaking melting unit replaces the existing Consteel® furnace, originally installed in 2008. The furnace has a tapping size of 300 metric tons and is designed to reach a power-ON time of 37 minutes with a charge mix including up to 30% HBI or other scrap substitutes.

The outstanding productivity performance of the new Consteel® EAF has been designed with the aim to meet the increased demand of the recently revamped continuous casting and rolling mill line of the steel plant. This output has never been achieved before by a single EAF worldwide, and it is made possible thanks to the proprietary Consteel® continuous charging and melting technology of Tenova, complemented by Consteerrer®, an innovative electro-magnetic stirring system, jointly developed with ABB.

“Thanks to the cooperation between the Tenova project team and the plant personnel of Acciaieria Arvedi, we were able to witness a seamless start-up of such an unprecedented machine”, said Silvio Reali, Tenova Senior Vice President. “We are currently proceeding with a very quick ramp-up phase. After just a few days from the start-up, the furnace is already operating on three shifts achieving high production rate and performances.”

The furnace has a 9,1m diameter shell and is continuously fed by a 4m wide Consteel® slip-stick conveyor. The furnace is also equipped with a state-of-the art level 1 and level 2 automation package.

Source And photo: Tenova

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