Steeltec equips customers with the steel of the future

by David Fleschen

An ultrafine-grained steel structure and improved material properties without expensive alloying elements or complex heat treatment - the Xtreme Performance (XTP®) Technology from Steeltec holds it extremely high promise. The bright steel producer uses XTP® treatment of standard steels to simultaneously improve their opposing properties of strength and toughness. With this, the company of the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group has developed a production technology with which customers are prepared for the challenges of the future. Steeltec has proven its effectiveness with 28 materials from seven steel groups - and has proven them.

The XTP® treatment gives steels extremely high cold toughness. For example, AFP steels withstand temperatures as low as -60 ° C and bainites as high as -100 ° C. The cold toughness of unalloyed steels improves by up to 30 percent. For example, Steeltec increases the safety of components for cryogenic applications. In addition to toughness, thanks to XTP®, the strength of the steel also increases - an almost exactly opposite property. Compared to standard steels, XTP® steels also have a better formability from the outset, and numerous processing options are retained for the materials. For example, steel processing companies from many industries can rely on their familiar materials whose properties are completely optimized thanks to XTP®. At the same time, users save money because they can do without heat treatment and expensive, high-alloyed materials. They are replaced by low-alloy XTP® steels, which offer the same advantages.

The XTP® technology, first introduced in 2016, is a process of controlled thermo-mechanical process control that is so far unique on the market. Steeltec uses heat and power to create an extremely homogeneous, ultrafine-grained microstructure. The result is a multifunctional steel whose properties can be customized exactly as needed. The improvement in the dynamic and mechanical properties of standard steels by XTP® treatment predicted at the beginning of the research was confirmed in tests on 28 steels from seven material groups. For example, Steeltec equips the most diverse sectors - from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering and toolmaking to medical technology - with steel for the future.

Source and Photo: Steeltec

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