Třinecké železárny: Roman Heide new Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

by David Fleschen

Třinecké železárny changes its top management. Roman Heide has become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO. He replaces Jan Czudek, who is leaving at his own request after eleven years in the position.

Jan Czudek worked at the steelworks for 40 years with a short break. The last twenty-three years he spent in the board of directors. He is not leaving the company entirely. He will still act at the supervisory boards of some of the subsidiaries and in institutions connected with the activities of the largest steel producer in the Czech Republic, such as Steel Union, the Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

Roman Heide joins at the beginning of metallurgical industry transformation, on which he intends to focus intensively. "We are on the door-step of major changes with significant investments and further modernisation of our operations. We are facing a difficult period with the introduction of 'green steel' in Europe, and it will be up to us to cope with the new environmental requirements. I expect to enter a professional environment where I will be a valid member and use all the practical experience I have gained so far," summarised Roman Heide.

Jan Czudek wished to the new CEO much strength in his demanding role. "It will be a difficult task, but I believe that in cooperation with other colleagues, its implementation will come to a successful end, and thus the beginning of a new period in the metallurgical industry. Just as the Třinec steelwokrs managed to overcome many difficult challenges in the past thanks to our people," he added, handing over the symbolic key of the factory to his successor.

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Roman Heide graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at VŠB-TUO with a Master's degree and postgraduated studies in materials engineering. Forty-seven-year-old Roman Heide has held management positions at Pilsen STEEL, Vítkovice Heavy Machinery, Sheffield Forgemaster. He comes from the position of Chairman of the Board and CEO of ŠMT a.s. He is married and has three children. In his free time he enjoys hiking, skiing, cycling, reading and family.

Source and Photo: Třinecké železárny

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