Taiwan CSC orders Paul Wurth Coke Making Technology

by David Fleschen

Taiwan’s largest steel company China Steel Corporation (CSC) has chosen Paul Wurth to supply state-of-the-art coke making technology for a new coke oven complex to be built at CSC’s Kaohsiung steel mill.

Paul Wurth’s scope will comprise two batteries, two sets of coke oven machines and the upstream portion of a new coke oven gas treatment plant. For these plant units, the contract, which was officially signed on 24 November 2020, includes engineering, supply of key equipment as well as supervision services to erection, commissioning and performance guarantee tests.

The two top charged Paul Wurth Jumbo oven batteries (No. 9 & 10), featuring 74 ovens per battery with an oven chamber dimension of 7.6m height, 0.55m average width and 20m length, are equipped with an under jet, air staging heating system combined with waste gas recirculation. The batteries are designed to reach a total annual production of 2.095 million tons of coke, while the gas treatment plant is designed to treat a coke oven gas flow of 130 000 Nm3/h.

With a special focus on environmental protection and automation, Paul Wurth will equip the new batteries with in-house developed products such as the SOPRECO® system (Single Oven PREssure Control), the Smokeless Charging System for emission control, the highly automatic system for coke oven machines and the CokeXpert™ level-2 automation system. Thanks to Paul Wurth state-of-the-art features, the customer will be able to meet the highest standards in terms of coke productivity and quality, emission control, energy consumption, user friendliness and plant safety.

The start-up of the new coke oven plant is expected in 2024 for battery No. 9 and 2025 for battery No. 10.

Shortly after the recent signature of a contract with Posco for a new coke oven plant in South Korea, this additional project secured in East Asia is confirming Paul Wurth’s position as a trustable partner for coke making projects worldwide.

Source and Photo: Paul Wurth

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