Taiwan is a leader in Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing

by David Fleschen

Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, human-machine collaboration: the industry is experiencing the greatest change since the steam engine was introduced. This increases the demands on the manufacturers of machines: they have to master the mechanical processing of workpieces as well as sensor technology and information technology, such as data analysis and artificial intelligence. The machine industry in Taiwan is ideally equipped for this. The companies in the Asian country are developing from traditional machine manufacturers to solution providers and play a leading role in the global development of Industry 4.0.

One example of many is the intelligent double crank press from Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., which received the Taiwan Excellence Award. The machine monitors itself with sensors and AI technology, it is connected to the cloud. Technicians can remotely monitor and configure the condition of the machine. The Smart Precision Grinder from EQUIPTOP, a company that recently received the Taiwan Excellence Award, records malfunction information and reports it to the service provider, who can easily find the cause of the malfunction and quickly remedy the fault. This not only saves costs during machine downtimes, but also helps to predict failures. Predictive maintenance is also one of the applications of the DIALink equipment IoT platform from Delta Electronics. It collects data from CNC machines and programmable logic controllers, prepares it and transfers it to the cloud, where the data can be used for predictive maintenance.

Source and Photo: Taiwan Excellence


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